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its beed a while since i submitted an entry for Manika Manila theme. Our community's theme for the month is "Spark", so here's my share =) Pardon if the pics' lightning was not that good >.< im such a noobie for photography

a spark of kindness can start a fire of love and friendship

Luhan - Lati Yellow Miel
Baekhyun - Dreaming Doll Tiny Elva Aya

Camera Used - Nikon D3000 18-55mm VR kit lens

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belated happy birthday, Strife <3

another late post of mine XD November 17 marked as Strife's birthday, although I know that his resin years are already more than 5 years since I adopted him from a fellow Manila Manila member.

Anyway, belated happy birthday to my awesome, handsome boy Strife <3 Though we have a lot of boys here at home, my love for you remains the same <3

Kris body's box opening

late post haha XD these were taken 2 months ago.

Kris was actually a floating head for quite sometime so during the last week of August, I decided to get him a body. i was looking for a nice body in affordable price so i did my research, then i laid my eye on the new chinese bjd company, Akagi Doll. They were actually on sale too so I placed my order right away in Alice's collections .

The big box~ ordered during late august and got the package at around 2nd week of october, it took almost 2 months for a body.
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I said after Kris' body arrives, I will be contented and not gonna get another doll anymore. But come to think of it, I don't want a duo band for Kris and Strife's Shoxx band XD and I suddenly came across with a fellow local bjd friend Aki's sale post, and instantly fell in love with the sculpt >////< Anyway, Here's Sehun, he's a Switch Ryun R in a Crobidoll M Line body. He's the big brother of Luhan btw =) The reason why I named him Sehun is because I'm a HunHan shipper XD (Sehun-Luhan ship, they're members of the Kpop Boyband Exo)

Opps sorry for the NSFW XD I still need to do some shopping for him coz Strife's clothes are quite small for him XD
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1st year in the BJD hobby =)

August 29, 2013 marks my first year in the bjd hobby. Time flies by so fast! =) I remember the time when having a bjd is just a dream, so it's a dream come true for me for owning not one, but 6 wonderful dolls =)

And also, it's Aeris' 1st birthday too =) Bought a small leche flan cake for her as a gift. Happy 1st anniversary to me and Happy Birthday to my pretty girl Aeris as well =) Cheers~ (pardon my face lol)


Mini photoshoot with Luhan and Sky =)

It's been a while livejournal! Since I was quite busy these past months I got hiatus in updating this bjd blog of mine >.< Anyway, few weeks ago I decided to take Luhan and Sky out to get a mini photoshoot along with my sister's doll Namie and her bf's doll Ems. (I swear I'm not an artist so pardon me for the boring shots ;A;) Camera I used was sister's bf's Canon 1000D, I was too lazy to bring my D3000 with me that time coz it was raining XD

So here's Luhan and Sky =)

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Luhan is home =) (HK trip loots)

Last week I went to Hong Kong with my sister and some friends for vacation (actually my sister has her training there, I just suddenly went there with her to have my vacation). Its been a while since we returned to Hong Kong (I grew up there actually =3 ), so I was very excited to return =)

During my trip, what I generally bought was some dolly stuff XD I only got a tshirt and Kindaichi manga for myself, we didn't go to the attractions too since my foot suddenly hurt for a while because of the rainy and cold weather there, there was one time it actually became below 20 degrees celcius, hgnnnnhhh, so my left leg suffered a lot T^T

Anyway, we went to Dollheart and JRtoys for our dolly stuff hunt. We didn't bother to go to Dollfie World anymore as they are located somewhere in Kwong Wa Street now, kinda long walk from Saiyeungchoi Street. Here's the dolly stuff that I bought =)

from JRToys: wigs for  Kiyomi, Luhan and Kris; Shoes for Kiyomi and Luhan; Socks for Kiyomi, Clothes for Strife,Luhan and Aeris; Acrylic eyes for Sky
from Dollheart: Luhan =)) (Lati Yellow Miel)

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Kris is home :)

Two months ago, I thought Kiyomi will be the last doll that I will get for this year. But my doll plan changed so fast XD I suddenly wanted to get another guy doll as Strife's bandmate and love enemy as well XD I was actually picking between Crobidoll Ys and Luts Delf Claus, then I bumped into a fellow Manika Manila member's ad where she was selling her brandnew Claus head, and I decided to buy him right away :)

So, meet my 5th doll, Kris! He's a floating head for now, face up by dheity_rigel. Thanks to her for making my Kris a handsome boy <3 (as handsome as my Strife <3)

I'm keeping him inside a little box for now, will get a body for him probably next month. :)


A very late post XD Me, my sis kaikulet and her bf Joe attended the annual Valentines meet of Manika Manila last time. It was a total blast! We met a lot of people and at the same time I drooled over the other dolls around there XD (esp the latis, oh gosh! ME WANTS ONE ;~;) Anyway, here are some pics from the event (grabbed from my facebook so no watermarks on the pics XD). Pardon me for the low res pics as I used my phone's cam that time, too lazy to bring a decent cam as the dollies are soooo heavy D:

So here's our crew for the day, Namie (kaikulet), Ems (Joe), and my bb girl, Aeris =)) (Strife and the 2 kids were mad at me that time coz I didn't bring them along D: next time babes, I promise to bring you guys)

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Family Portrait =)

Finally gathered the 4 together to have a family group shot! (note that Aeris and Strife don't know that the 2 "neighbors" are actually their future children, shhhhh XD For more info regarding this, please check Kiyomi and Sky's bio).

Kiyomi and Sky were very excited to strike a pose with their parents neighbors. Here we go:
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